HELP with Inspire Projects

Our ART PARTY in July 2016 was a red, white, and blue hit! The fun included a Bible lesson, two art projects, and lunch. All 14 kids received a special gift– a bag stuffed with art supplies to continue their creativity at home. Here are a few pictures from our inspiring day.


In January 2016 The Inspire Channel delivered 39 new and lightly-worn coats to needy kids at Morris Elementary School in Huntsville, AL. Thanks to all the INSPIRING PEOPLE who donated coats and money for coats!

Coats for Needy Kids


The Inspire Channel hosted an ART PARTY for Hispanic kids in July 2015. We invited 8 special kids to attend. They heard a lively Bible lesson, did a colorful art project to go along with it, and then enjoyed a nice lunch. And the big surprise of the day was that each of them went home with a new backpack full of art supplies to brighten their days and expand their artistic horizons!

If you would like to sponsor a kid ($25) or kids to attend our next Art Party, click “Donate” above. You can help us INSPIRE OTHERS!


In January 2015 The Inspire Channel provided new and lightly-worn winter coats to needy kids in Huntsville City Schools, AL. The school counselor relayed this story:

I noticed a young boy wearing a short-sleeved shirt and no coat. It was a cold day so I pulled him aside and asked him if he had a coat. When he said no, I gave him one. A few days later he came to school without his coat. I questioned him, “Where is the coat I gave you?” The boy answered, “I gave it to my little brother.”

Thank you to the many people who donated coats and money to make this project possible.



Stay tuned for our next Inspire Project. We’re working on it!



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