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How many kids have accomplished more and went further in life because of the positive influence of a teacher? Watch as Becky tells about a teacher who had that kind of impact on her.



Almost everybody has had some negative encounter with a teacher in their past. Why does that one experience stick with us for years, even haunt us sometimes? Watch as Becky tells about her worst teacher, Mrs. Rickey.



“Paying It Forward” is a good thing, right? Becky thought so too until she tried it with a homeless woman named Bonnie.



It’s easy to feel blue. I think it’s because we live in such a blue world– horrible things are happening everywhere we look. How can we pull out of that blue feeling and instead feel CARIBBEAN blue? Here are 4 Simple Steps.



Is there something scary that has you frozen on your path? You know where you want to go. But there’s this “snake” between you and your goal, dream, or plan. The solution may be simple…



Kids who are “different” in some way are often the target of bullies. Becky’s prosthetic arm made her a target. In this video she talks to kids about her girl fight and the right way to stand up to a bully. This is an important message for all kids! SHARE IT WITH THE KIDS IN YOUR LIFE.



We never know what the person right next to us is going through. Any act of kindness, even a small one, might be the hope they need to survive another day. Becky shares haunting words about a little boy who sat next to her for years.



We’ve all been the victim of “words that kill.” Someone has said something to us that has stuck with us for years. Listen as Becky shares the horrible thing someone said to her about being born with one arm. Yes, words can kill. But words can also give life.



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